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well today was a VERY interesting day. lol. why do i ever even write in this? it's not like i have much to put down. but yeah, i drove chris and cory all over becauase everytime i drove them somewhere we smoked a joint. lol. but then i went over to my grandma's, i don't even know why. i guess because i was high and stuff, and then they were going to bingo. so OF COURSE i had to go to bingo with the old people! it was like a nursery home, i was the youngest one there. now people may not realize it, but there is a LOT to bingo! lol but yeah, it wasn't that great cuz i only had 3 cards and all the old people had like 15 each. but the pot was 15 every time. but oh man, was that fun. lol. j/k. anyways, then i went with chris and cory somewhere again, and smoked on my roof. it was a beautiful day out today, reminded me of the san whatever winds in california. me and the boys even had the top down a lot. but yeahhh, i can't wait till i get a job. i've got to register for classes sometime in early april. i might get a job at either office max or lowes, but if they make me take a drug test for lowe's i'm fucked. :( so i hope they call me back for the office max one, that'd be DOPE. but yeah, i haven't talked to mikey for like a million years, so i'm going to talk to him tonight. <3 latah
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